Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College (FRPMC)

Forensic Medicine Department

Department of Forensic Medicine at FRPMC comprises of forensic museum, laboratory, tutorial and head & faculty rooms. Forensic Museum is well equipped with weapons of assault, forensic models, forensic as well as toxicological specimens, medico legally related X-rays, forensic photographs, forensic & toxicological slides, microscopes, U-V lamps, human skeletons & separate bones, autopsy kit (box), abortion instruments set and the facility of multimedia for better teaching of future graduates. Apart from the teaching at college, students of 3rd Year MBBS visit mortuary, medico legal section, emergency department and chemical examiner lab as a practical part of subject of forensic medicine. Forensic Medicine, a bridge between medicine and law, is that branch of medicine which deals with the application of principles and knowledge of medicine to solve the problem of law & helps in administration of justice.