Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College (FRPMC)

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Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College

The faculty and the leadership of the College aims to strive for achieving the highest level of excellence in medical education in the country. The College has a mission to produce physicians who are ready to meet the health care challenges of today and tomorrow. To impart community-oriented quality medical education of international standards, producing competent and compassionate physicians with integrity, professionalism, social responsibility and passion for research and lifelong learning. The leadership and the faculty of the College believe that our mission will be accomplished by developing a didactic strategy that is based upon a spiral approach, is student-centered and uses an evidence- based and community-oriented approach towards learning. Supporting faculty in their professional development, advanced education and research will be the corner stone of the medical education program at the College. Collaborating with national and international partners is an important strategy in our struggle to achieve international standards. The mission of social responsibility and accountability will be realized through community-oriented approach. Students will associate them with problems, requirements and preferences of community when they will interact and learn within community setup right from day-1. The mission statement is the foundation of all policies and decisions regarding development and implementation of the medical education programs. It will steer all major future policy decisions of the College academic committees.