Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College (FRPMC)

Dermatology Department

Dermatology is not only a science to treat and prevent skin diseases but also is an art to improve and maintain the beauty given by nature. At Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College and its Hospitals (PAF Faisal and PAF Masroor), we have stat of the art Dermatology department headed by an Associate Professor along with a senior registrar. Our competent staff is trained to deal with skin diseases and cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Services are provided Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday are emergency on-call (Registrars only). We offer diagnoses and treatment of skin diseases along with cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Currently we have facilities of electro-cautery, cryo-therapy, Photo-therapy and Carbon di oxide Laser. Chemical peeling with alpha and beta hydro-oxy acids is also performed at our department. We are also intended to teach our students to deal with the challenges our community is facing in the field of dermatology, in disease and health, cosmesis and aesthetics. We are also planning to get affiliated with College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan, to produce competent fellows (FCPS) and members (MCPS) in this field. We follow the guide-lines laid down by Air University and Pakistan Medical Commission.