Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College (FRPMC)

Bio Chemistry Department

FRPMC is devoted to impart community-oriented quality medical education of international standards to produce competent & compassionate physicians. Biochemistry is the language of Medical Science which helps in understanding of other basic as well as clinical subjects & the scope of sphere is to maintain health. In view of this, department of Biochemistry extends a dynamic, advanced and novel curriculum which encircles the recent trends in the field of molecular biology, medicine, genetics & behavioral sciences. Integrated modular curriculum will be the mode of imparting the education of subject which will focus attention to apply the knowledge of biochemistry to understand the life sciences at molecular level in health and diseases and clinically correlate it with all medical subjects. The concept of gene therapy is within the realm of Biochemistry. Our teaching approaches include: interactive lectures, small group discussions (SGD), tutorials, TBL (Team Based Learning), clinical case presentation and interpretation of lab. reports & it’s relationship with medical ailments.