Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College (FRPMC)

Dress Code

Instructions to follow

Code of conduct

FRPMC has laid down a code of conduct for all students studying at the campus. This code is meant to ensure high moral standards and an academic atmosphere of peace and harmony. At Frpmc male and female students study together. They have to learn, discuss, participate and interact with one another very frequently. They are, therefore, required to exhibit high moral standards, decent manners, and responsible behavior. The cultural norms of our society must be observed.

College Identity Cards

Students must be in possession of the College Identity Cards whenever they are on the College Campus and they must display it on person prominently.

Dress Code

FRPMC students are expected to be decently and neatly dressed. They must observe our cultural norms in their attire and bearing. Students are not allowed to wear joggers, slippers, jeans, T-shirts, jackets, shorts etc. on the Campus. In the summers, boys must wear black or brown shoes, and dress shirts with full or half sleeves tucked inside trousers. In winters, (1 October to 1 March) a tie must be worn. A blazer and/or pullover with V shaped neck only, of sober colors may be added to the summers dress outlined earlier. All girls are expected to dress in a modest & professional/decent manner falling in line with its academic & cultural ethics/norms. Unduly revealing outfits are prohibited. Girls are to wear full length trousers / shalwar and knee length kameez with dupatta. Wearing of dupatta is compulsory.

Note: Improperly dressesd students shall be either fined on the spot or asked to leave the premises.

Display of Banners and Posters

FRPMC prohibits display of any kind of banners and posters that reflect association with any religious, political, ethnic, regional or sectarian party. Similarly, notices calling meetings of any religious, political, ethnic or any prejudiced regional party are also totally prohibited. Slogans, propaganda, noise of any sort liable to cause disorder are prohibited.

General Prohibitions and Provisions

Following activities are prohibited in the FRPMC premises.

  • Mobile phones should be kept silent in classrooms 2.
  • Carrying of any kind of weapon or prohibited drugs on the campus is strictly forbidden.

Acts of Indiscipline

  • The following, among others, shall constitute acts of indiscipline on which the Discipline Committee will take action:
  • Breach of decency, including the use of indecent language, undesirable remarks, gestures and disorderly behavior.
  • Defiance of University or Faculty authority.
  • Impersonation or giving false information or willfully suppressing, changing, replacing or distorting information, cheating or deceiving.
  • Indulging in or inciting violence.
  • Misusing or damaging University property.
  • Consumption, sale and distribution of alcohol, prohibited drugs, controversial or banned items on campus and hostels.
  • Indulgence in political, ethnic, racial or sectarian activity or use of students‟ organization for furthering the cause of a political party.
  • Instigating others and indulging in undesirable propaganda creating academic deterrence and polluting academic environment.