Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College (FRPMC)

Pharmacology Department

Medicine can best be used to combat diseases. This positivity comes from knowledge of how drugs act in the body. The students of the Pharmacology department at FRPMC gain insight into concepts regulating what the body does to a drug and in effect what a drug does to the body. During this journey of explanation, students will experience not only the impact of single molecule on whole body but also how this knowledge plays its role in the real-world scenarios and clinical setting. Our primary objective is to facilitate research in basic and clinical pharmacology which can be resourceful for use in education patient care and to produce health professionals which can cure humanity with medicines by using broad and holistic approach of scientific, social and ethical requirements. The course of Pharmacology is introduced in the third year. It covers the physiological effects of drugs on the cells and human organs, chemical structure and mechanism of action of drugs, effects of drugs on cellular mechanism and fate of drugs in the body. These form the basis of an understanding of the use and abuse of drugs in society and their influence on community health. The therapeutic uses of drugs and an understanding of adverse drug reactions form an integral part of the preparation for clinical practice. The lecture program is assisted by the latest audiovisual aid System and the practical in the well equipped laboratory that includes the study of in vitro effect of drugs on isolated tissues/organs of experimental animals.