Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College (FRPMC)

Day Care Centre

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers:

In 2021 Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College (FRPMC) has established state of the art Day Care Centre in the college inaugurated by Principal of the college. The aim is to ensure work compliance of all the employees, particularly working mothers by providing high quality full day child care services. It provides child care services to infants, toddlers & preschooler of age 3 months to 5 years. The child day care center maintains good hygienic environment by following standard child care practices under supervision of trained professionals.
It also promotes early childhood development by providing and engaging children with early learning toys and videos. It accommodates around 15-20 children, including 10 infants. Moreover, low child and attendant ratio ensures quality care and attention to each child. Continuous surveillance of day care children and attendants through security cameras is in place to prevent any maltreatment or negligence. Additionally, effective temperature regulation in day care protects children from the effects of extreme climate inside the premises. A panel of medical education experts has designed this curriculum in alignment with PMC guidelines.
The day care center follows all the infection control guidelines in routine to avoid possible disease outbreaks. Moreover, the facility follows well-defined immunization and sick-child policies to ensure children health and safety.
The facility continuously strives for improvement and welcome feedback from consumers of services/ guardians of children through formal channels.